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As Mayor, I will get rid of the "Ultimate Tax" on the City of Baltimore residents, the crime tax.

  • I will ensure that government at all levels launch an aggressive strategy to eliminate the crime tax because it is the only way a Baltimore anti-poverty effort is to succeed. This strategy will especially explore ways of involving the law-abiding citizens of Baltimore in anti-crime activities. In this empowerment strategy, the poor themselves work with police and other local officials to identify sources of potential crime and restrict access of potential criminals to their neighborhoods and housing projects. In particular:

  • Baltimore City Government must help neighborhood groups form anti-crime patrols, stimulate interest among residents in joining existing patrols. Public housing as well as all neighborhoods should be the focus of such efforts.

  • The Maryland State legislature should require stricter sentencing for repeat offenders and for all offenders convicted of using firearms in committing a burglary or robbery.

  • The federal government should beef up the efforts of cabinet-level agencies, particularly the Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to stem violent crime and drug dealing in the city. 

  • Congress should stop funding any effort to defend the "civil rights" of drug dealers facing eviction from public housing.

  • The Police Commissioner has a plan in place that the metrics show is not working. Time for a no excuses plan.

  • Closing the racial wealth gap in Baltimore.

  • Enhance the enterprising abilities of the "squeegee" youth to build cooperative enterprises and businesses.

  • Work strategically and with mutual respect with the local, state, and federal levels to utilize all available resources.

  • Crumbling Infrastructure

  • Corruption with the City

  • Lack of Accountability & Transparency

  • Opioid Epidemic

  • Quality of Life

  • Homelessness 

By Authority: Wright for Baltimore: Treasurer, Rhandi Lawrence

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