Many of the City school buildings are unsafe. For example:

          1. Most of the schools do not have adequate heating.

          2. Most of the schools do not have adequate cooling.

          3. Lead pipes in many schools has most of the water in the buildings undrinkable. 

What good are we doing our children if they get passed from one grade level to another without actually achieving the standard requirements? Furthermore, the curriculum is lacking. There is no civics or community service in the curriculum. Our schools are sorely lacking trade skills education and even our college prep is lacking and not putting our students on a level playing field with the rest of the state, not to speak of the country.

Currently 38% of the high school students in the city have zero proficiency in math. This is unacceptable. As Mayor I will establish accountability and transparency systems for the school system. Our children deserve better.


Crime is off the charts, let's be real about where the City is currently. The national homicide rate is 5.3, but the Baltimore homicide rate is 56.6. This is unacceptable and must change as quickly as possible. Looking at past programs that have worked in similar cities will be a Day 1 initiative. Bringing in leaders from each community within the City will be done immediately.

Our law enforcement community needs support, but we must also look at and purge any and all corruption from within the ranks. This includes the Gun Trace Task Force prosecution and any other corruption in the department. We cannot have a Commissioner who will refuse to perform an internal investigation.

Public safety can only truly start to be improved when a sense of trust develops within the community for the officers serving in the Baltimore City Police Dept. Moreover, reviewing corruption within the department and ridding the department of corrupt officers will also improve the safety, trust, and work environment for the officers themselves.


Jobs, jobs, and more jobs are needed to bring Baltimore City back to its vibrancy and leadership it once enjoyed in America. There has been a mass exodus of corporations from the city over the last few decades. What's causing this? There's simply too much red tape to start a business and while a select few corporations have been wooed to move to Baltimore, we've lost small and medium businesses by the dozens on top of other corporations that weren't given the same breaks and incentives to move here. 

In a time where America as a whole is seeing record low unemployment rates for African-Americans, hispanics, and women - our City is falling behind and our current system is holding us back. As Mayor I will cut the red tape, welcome corporations, medium, and small businesses back and continue to take advantage of Opportunity Zones. I will work with everyone to find solutions to other problems - like education or skills training for residents - so that we can continue to grow the Baltimore economy.

  • Crumbling Infrastructure

  • Corruption with the City

  • Lack of Accountability & Transparency

  • Opioid Epidemic

  • Quality of Life

  • Homelessness 

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